Welcome to Weber's Lodge


We offer the hunting trips that you have dreamed about. They are affordable so you can have your dream vacation without spending a fortune.



Why should you hunt with us?

We offer:
Hunting Whitetail Deer Hunting (Archery and rifle)
Duck Hunting
Goose Hunting (Canada and Snow)
Ruffed and Sharptail Grouse Hunting
Pheasant Hunting (only upon availability)
Partridge, Doves and Swan Hunting
Predator Hunting (coyotes)
Bison Hunting (only upon availability)

These are not guided hunts. All hunting is on your own.
A place
to stay
We offer lodging for our customers.
Other Bird Watching
Landscape, nature and wildlife photography
Wildlife everywhere - Moose frequently roam our land and we have had a cow and calf pair on our property. So, there will be plenty of wildlife to spot while on your chosen hunt.


We have over 10,000 acres of habitat to hunt on for deer, duck, geese, grouse and other wildlife.



We are in the prime nesting area in the Prairie potholes region and are in the main fly-way. The area in known as  known as the Duck Capital of North Dakota.



While hunting with Weber Hunts, you will be provided with hunting land that is reserved for your party alone and lodging for your crew. All hunters must meet North Dakota Game and Fish regulations in order to do wild hunts.



We invite you to hunt
with Weber's Lodge.

More information will be
available at later dates.


Featured in Bisbee,
North Dakota.

For more information contact:

Lawrence Weber
PO Box 625
Cando, ND 58324

or (701)739-6352

Or you can Email weberhunting@yahoo.com


Bisbee is located in the red box.


We own land in the Cando, Crocus, Egeland, Newville, Calio and St. Joe areas.